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International Star Registry

Welcome to International Star Registry, We originated the concept of star naming in 1979! We have been dedicating stars for people around the world for four decades. Celebrities, dignitaries and royalty have been gifted with stars in their names or have used our services to honor friends and family.

Are you looking for a gift idea that shines above all others? Hitch the name of someone special to a star and it will be permanently recorded in Your Place in the Cosmos, the only published catalog of named stars in the world! Each volume is copyrighted in the United States of America and available for purchase for future generations to refer to and enjoy.

Flowers, greeting cards, and candy are nice; when you name a star for a loved one, your star gift will stand the test of time. It’s an unforgettable gift that you can share forever.

Who’s the star on your gift list? Receiving a star gift is ideal for:

Give someone special an authentic Star Registry® gift package and their name will be recorded forever. Browse our site to discover the different star naming kits, gift ideas, and package options we have available and place your order today!

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