virgo zodiac sign

Friends born under the astrological sign of Virgo (Birthday August 23 – September 22)

Virgo (Birthday August 23 – September 22) is a constellation located near the celestial equator. If you name a star here, April is the best time to locate the Virgo constellation
Understanding Vivacious Virgo:

Virgo (the Virgin) is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. Like the other Earth signs, it is associated with sensation, stability and practicality.
Orderly, Modest, Diligent, Analytical, Self-sufficient

Virgo, the maiden, is cool and calm. Don’t be fooled by the calm surface, however, they have a lot going on inside. The Virgo’s mind is never still, and they are constantly thinking, creating, and investigating. They love making something out of nothing,
nurturing and growing small things. They tend to be extremely detail oriented and particularly like producing something that is not only useful, but beautiful and skillful.

Virgo enjoys some solitude. They are sympathetic listeners, and are ready to help out those in need. Their good nature often makes them easy to take advantage of, and often they end up taking on more jobs and tasks than they should

Virgo is an Earth sign which means that they love making something from the land with their own hands. They do not tend to be loud or bossy, but are brilliant strategists and an asset to any team. If you name a star for detail oriented Virgo they will love using their analytical skills to locate it with a telescope.

Ruling Celestial Body – The Zodiac sign of Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury

Jewelry – The birthstone – Sapphire, Zircon and Agate.

Florists – The Flower – Morning Glory

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