Name a star FAQ - questions about buying a star name as a gift







What do I get?
All the various gift pack options are fully described in the Gift Pack section of the site.

How long does it take?
Orders are shipped within 1-2 working days directly from the International Star Registry's headquarters in Glenview, IL, USA and delivery is dependent on the shipping method you select.

What do you mean by date of registration?
We add a date to the Certificate of Registration as a further way of personalising your gift should you be naming a star for a special event. We can normally backdate the date of registration to any date after the last published volume of our Register. Currently this is July 2013.

Can I see the star?
We always select a star from a constellation visible over the relevant Hemisphere. The stars we currently have available in the Northern Hemisphere can be seen with the aid of a telescope.

Can I choose the star?
If you have in mind the constellation in which you would prefer the star to be, please tell us. Otherwise we will select a star from a constellation prominent at the relevant time of year for the registration and appropriate to the gender and age of the recipient. For more information on constellations see
About the Stars for details of some of the most popular ones.

What if the star name I have chosen already exists?
This does not matter. If you think of a telephone directory, you will see many people have the same name, but each is an individual with their own address and telephone number. Similarly, each star has its own "address" in the form of its co-ordinates and its own "telephone number" in the form of its HGSC identification number.

Do you name the same star more than once?
No. Quite simply this is because in our catalogue there are some 16 million discrete stars. In over 35 years of business, the International Star Registry has helped over two million people to name stars. It would make no sense to re-name these two million stars when 14 million remain unnamed.

Will astronomers call the star by its new name?
No. In professional astronomical and scientific circles the star you name will be referred to either by telescope co-ordinates or by identity number.

What can I call the star?
First names and full names are very popular choices and are always suitable for inclusion in the compendium of star names, but equally we welcome inspired creativity! The one limit we have is a maximum of 35 characters inclusive of punctuation and spaces.

How often is the book of star names published?
Our Register, Your Place in the Cosmos, is published approximately once every three years, and lists the names registered since publication of the previous register.

How can I get a copy of the Register with
my star name in it?

So far we have published nine volumes of the book. Stars currently allocated (from 1st August 2013) will appear in Volume X. Once this is published, we shall notify those concerned that it is available for purchase. NB We contact purchasers of the gift package, not recipients.

Is it for real?
The International Star Registry was founded in response to a desire to name a star. Please refer to
History of the International Star Registry and History of Star Naming for more detailed information.

I see another company offering to name stars - why should I use the International Star Registry?
The book produced by International Star Registry, Your Place in the Cosmos, is the only published listing of named stars for loved ones in the world. Because we have permanently recorded the stars named since our inception in 1979 in this manner, a century from now our great grandchildren can locate the star named for you and, using its telescopic coordinates, find that special star in the sky. Since the internet came into being, a number of outfits have sprung up trying to copy what we do and misrepresent themselves as being our company or like us. They choose names deceptively similar to our company name and trademarks. After receiving payment, some have disappeared after a year or so, leaving no record of the star they purported to name. We at the International Star Registry have been in business for over 35 years, and are committed to the compilation and maintenance of our star catalogue of over two million star names. The service and documentation you will receive from us is of the highest quality.
Customers of the International Star Registry include members of Royal Families, Cabinet Ministers, major film producers, actors and television personalities. Corporate customers have included the BBC, BT, Sony, Disney, IBM, Warner Records & the Ford Motor Company among many. Ours is the catalogue where the “Stars” are named (see Celebrity star names). Our distinctive Certificates have graced official residences from the White House to Downing Street; are on display in the homes of Hollywood; and have appeared in films and TV shows throughout the world, from Oprah Winfrey through to “Coronation Street”, “Friends” and “The West Wing” - and in the parting shots of the final episode of “Cheers”!
It is a matter of pride to us that nearly 40% of our new orders come from people who have previously named stars through us, or whose family or friends have had stars named for them by the International Star Registry. In the words of the distinguished writer and broadcaster, Clair Rayner, OBE: “There really is no pleasure like it, for the namer or the named. Try it!”