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To contact us by phone, call +1-847-546-5533 or email directly ([email protected] ).

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Quick answers to some common questions:
Q: When I name a star, can I have it shipped to the recipient?

A: Yes. When you buy a star kit we are happy to ship to the address you specify. There is also a field on the order page to indicate a personal greeting to be enclosed. Please indicate how you would like the card to be signed.

Q: How long does it take for a package to arrive?

A: We ship packages from the United States via USPS. Packages usually arrive within 4-12 business days. For faster delivery, UPS expedited service is also available for an extra fee.

Q: Once I name a star, how long does it take for a package to arrive?

A: It takes from 4 to 12 business days from the time you buy a star kit for a package to be delivered depending on customs and possible delays.
We also have International Star Registry offices located in Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe that may be able to deliver to you faster.

Q: What does the S/H mean?

A: S/H refers to Shipping and Handling.

Q: I want to buy a star package, but my country is not listed in the countries you send to, are you able to ship to me?

A: No, if your country is not shown in our listing of countries, then we are unable to ship to your country. We suggest ordering the “Instant Star Gift Package”. This is a complete International Star Registry package, resized and digitized for convenient printing at home. Your PDF will arrive via email within minutes of your order. Nothing is sent by post and the address in unimportant. Please select any country from the dropdown list when placing your order.

Q: If I buy a star kit framed, how large is the frame?

A: Our Classic Frame measures 16” x 20”.

Q: What is the difference between a Custom, a Deluxe, and an Ultimate Star Kit?

A: The Custom Star Kit is unframed,
A Deluxe Star Kit has the same components as the Custom Star Kit, but the certificate is framed and a data card is included.
An Ultimate Star Kit is like the Deluxe, but there are 2 frames. Both the sky chart and the certificate are framed.

Q: I already have a frame, how large is the certificate?

A: The International Star Registry certificate and the sky chart are both 12” x 16”. If you add a Photographic Sky Image to your order it is also 12” x 16”

Q: Can I buy a star package with my credit card?

A: Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Q: Can I pay using my PayPal or other online banking method?

A: Yes you can! On the final payment page select PayPal for your payment, then follow the instructions.

Q: Can I name a star in the recipient’s zodiac sign?

A: You can select ANY constellation you want you star to be in. There are 88 constellations. If you do not feel comfortable picking a location, we will be happy to choose a constellation viewable from your area.

Q: Can I request a very specific area for the star I wish to name?

A: To avoid duplication, you may not request a specific star, but you may request an area of the sky and we will do our best. People often wish to name a star near a certain area that is meaningful to them, or near the star of someone else. You may indicate your preference in the “ship notes” section of the order page. For assistance, we recommend contacting us when you are ready to buy a star package by emailing Customer Service or phoning us at +1-847-546-5533 for assistance.

Q: How to buy a star?

A: We don’t own the stars, but we do name them! You can dedicate a star to someone special. We offer a unique gift package where we select a special star in the sky and record your star name. The gift package includes a beautiful International Star Registry parchment certificate, a sky chart with the name of stars and the star’s coordinates, and an informative booklet on astronomy. We publish all names in the first permanently published and copyrighted catalog of the stars created by and for regular people all over the world, Your Place in the Cosmos, which is registered in the U.S. Copyright Office.

Q: Am I buying the star?

A: No. We do not own the star, so we cannot sell it to you. You are honoring someone special by naming a star in their honor. Although there have been dozens of star catalogs created over the centuries, the star you name with International Star Registry will be included in the ONLY published listing of named stars in the world.

Q: Will the scientific community recognize my star name?

A: No. We are a private company that provides a wonderful gift option. When you buy a star NASA will not be using the name we assign to the star. Astronomers and other scientists will still refer to most stars by their scientific number.
This is, however the first permanently published and copyrighted catalog of the stars created by and for regular people all over the world! Your star name will be permanently recorded in the book called Your Place in the Cosmos ©,which is a permanent record of all the stars that we have named. We have created these editions to last as a meaningful family heirloom for future generations to refer to and enjoy.

Q: Can I return the product?

A: Yes. If you are not completely satisfied, the product is refundable less shipping and handling charges.