cancer zodiac sign

Friends born under the astrological sign of Cancer (Birthday June 22 – July 22)

Cancer (Birthday June 22 – July 22) is a constellation located in the northern sky. If you name a star here, February is the best time to locate the Cancer constellation

Understanding Caring Cancer:

Cancer (the Crab) is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. Like the other Water Signs it is associated with growth processes, identification and emotion.

Imaginative, Sympathetic, Placid, Intuitive, Nurturing

Cancer, the crab, is peaceful and will carry his home everywhere. Home and family are at the heart of a Cancer’s life. Known as devoted, loyal and sensitive, the crab makes a wonderful parent or friend.

Cancers are reasonable, and will go out of their way to avoid conflict. This does not mean they are frightened. They are brave, courageous, and protective. The highly sensitive, moody, and sometimes shy Cancer craves love, personal connections, and responsibility. Cancer needs to be needed. If you name a star for a loved one in cancer, chances are it will always lead you home.

Cancer is a water sign which means that they have a deep, mysterious side to them that can also be gentle and nurturing.

Ruling Celestial Body – The Zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Jewelry – The birthstone – Ruby.

Florists – The Flower – Acanthus

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