Give a Unique Birthday Gift


Give a Unique Birthday Gift

Congratulations on choosing to buy a star package for someone special! Choosing a unique birthday gift can be challenging, and finding a truly memorable gift for the person who has everything can be downright daunting!

International Star Registry can help! When you buy a star package and name a star, you are giving a gift that shines above all others. Present your loved one with the same iconic International Star Registry® certificate that graces the homes of royalty, dignitaries, celebrities, and millions of lucky recipients worldwide.

And you can personalize your package with beautiful custom framing options, tasteful engraved items, elegant hand calligraphy, or a stunning photographic sky image of the star’s location.

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More About Naming A Star Related To The Month You Were Born and Best Months For Viewing Constellations

We’ll be happy to find a twinkling star viewable from your location, or you can request any constellation you wish, including any of the twelve zodiac signs.

Just as each person who receives the once in a lifetime gift of having a star named in their honor is unique, each birthday month is associated with unique characteristics as well. Listed below, You’ll find the gemstone associate with each month, the flower, the colors, and the associated personality traits.

For Star Gazers: We have listed the favorite northern and equatorial constellations for viewing from the northern hemisphere during each month. Whether you prefer naming a star in a constellation best viewed during the long dark nights of winter, or having the stars names in a constellation you can enjoy watching during the warm sultry nights of summer, you will find some terrific options for birthday stars below. Either way, naming a star is a birthday gift of cosmic proportions.

If you are buying a star packing as a Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift, as an Anniversary Gift, as a lasting Tribute in memory of a loved one, as an Award item , or as a BIG Welcome to a New Baby,

January Birthdays and Special Occasions.
January’s gemstone : Garnet
January’s flower: Snowdrop
January’s colors: Black, dark red and dark blue
January’s personality: Natural Leader, Strong and Powerful
January’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Auriga, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Lynx, Gemini, Lepus

February Birthdays and Special Occasions
February’s gemstone: Amethyst
February’s flower: Iris
February’s colors: Purple, yellow, and light blue
February’s personality: Peaceful and Harmonious, Considerate
February’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Monoceros, Cancer, Camelopardalis,

March Birthdays and Special Occasions
March’s gemstone: Aquamarine
March’s flower: Daffodil
March’s colors: White and light blue
March’s personality: Outgoing, cheerful, great sense of humor
March’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Crater, Hydra, Leo, Leo Minor, Sextans

April Birthdays and Special Occasions
April’s gemstone: Diamond
April’s flower: Sweet Pea
April’s colors: Yellow and red
April’s personality: Trustworthy, Helpful and Steady
April’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Canes Venatici, Corvus, Coma Berenices, Virgo

May Birthdays and Special Occasions
May’s gemstone: Emerald
May’s flower: Lily of the Valley
May’s colors: Yellow, red, and green
May’s personality: Unique, Creative and Adaptable
May’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Boötes, Corona Borealis, Draco, Libra, Serpens

June Birthdays and Special Occasions
June’s gemstone: Pearl
June’s flower: Rose
June’s colors: Light blue, white, and cream
June’s personality: Peaceful and Harmonious, Gentle
June’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Hercules, Ophiuchus, Ursa Major, Scorpius

July Birthdays and Special Occasions
July’s gemstone: Ruby
July’s flower: Larkspur
July’s colors: Green and red
July’s personality: Introspective and Intense, Deep Thinker
July’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Aquila, Sagittarius, Lyra, Sagitta, Scutum, Serpens Cauda

August Birthdays and Special Occasions
August’s gemstone: Peridot
August’s flower: Poppy
August’s colors: Orange, red, and light green
August’s personality: Ambitious and Strong, Brave
August’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Capricornus, Delphinus, Equuleus, Vulpecula, Cygnus

September Birthdays and Special Occasions
September’s gemstone: Sapphire
September’s flower: Morning Glory
September’s colors: Brown and deep blue
September’s personality: Tolerant and Inspirational, Great Humanitarian
September’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Aquarius, Lacerta, Cepheus. Cassiopeia

October Birthdays and Special Occasions
October’s gemstone: Tourmaline
October’s flower: Cosmos
October’s colors: White and yellow
October’s personality: Natural Leader, Strong and Powerful
October’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Andromeda, Cetus, Pegasus, Pisces,

November Birthdays and Special Occasions
November’s gemstone: Citrine
November’s flower: Chrysanthemum
November’s colors: Dark blue, red, and yellow
November’s personality: Tolerant and inspirational, Sympathetic
November’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Aries, Perseus, Triangulum

December Birthdays and Special Occasions
December’s gemstone: Blue Topaz
December’s flower: Narcissus
December’s colors: Indigo, green, and blue-green
December’s personality: Outgoing, Cheerful and Blessed with a Great Sense of Humor
December’s Favorite constellations for viewing: Lepus, Taurus

Star Registry® offers the most unique birthday gift in the universe, especially for someone who is a shining star to you. Your gift will shine in the sky and be a light on each and every birthday for your loved one. Name a star for that special someone today.