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Engagements, Weddings & Anniversaries

We are often asked to name stars after couples to commemorate their wedding. Sometimes by friends or family - at other times by the Bride or Groom themselves as a gesture of love, appreciation and commitment.

The Certificate of Registration can be dated the day of the wedding, of course, and is usually presented at the Reception. With a star named after them, their Wedding Day will never be forgotten - and the documents themselves will make fascinating heirlooms for future generations.

The traditional constellation for couples in celebration of Engagements, Weddings and Anniversaries is Cygnus - the Swan (see below).

Sometimes the Couple names stars as a thank-you for Bridesmaids and Pages (Andromeda - "the Princess" and Hercules - "the Champion" being popular choices). These would, again, be dated on the day of the wedding, and make very touching presentations at the Reception. Last year we even had a Groom name a star after the parents of his new wife - when we were asked to name a star: "Thank You Bill and Mary"!

The Constellation "Cygnus" - the Swan

This cross-shaped constellation is visible in UK skies all year round, and appears to resemble a giant swan flying through the night sky. It is also known as the "Northern Cross" and appears therefore to resemble the Western symbol for a kiss - x !

Because of their elegant arching necks, which often form the shape of a heart when swans are preening one-another, and because of their graceful beauty, swans have long held a romantic fascination. They are the subject of countless fairytales, legends and works of art. Swans were once thought to hold special powers because, being animals of the water, the air, and the land, they were believed to live in all three of these worlds.

Despite their graceful appearance, swans are courageous, fierce, loyal and immensely strong. When swans select a mate, they are believed to mate for life, and it is for this reason, in particular, that the constellation of Cygnus is particularly appropriate to celebrate an important engagement, wedding or wedding anniversary.

Some celebrities with stars named after them in the constellation of Cygnus include:

HRH Queen Elizabeth II   & HRH The Duke of Edinburgh ("Elizabeth & Phillip"), Natalie Jane Appleton, Spandau Ballet, Simply Red (Mick Hucknall), Cliff Richard ("The Sir Cliff"), Mohan Das Karam Chand (Mahatma Gandhi), Kate Winslet,   Brad & Jennifer Forever (for Brad Pitt   & Jennifer Aniston's wedding), Chita Rivera, Chris Robinson & Kate Hudson's Star, Garth Brooks ("The River"), Harrison Ford, Liza Minnelli ("Lisa's Eyes"),   Joni Mitchell,   Dr Ruth & Fred   Westheimer, Bob & Ginny Newhart.

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