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To help astronomers locate the stars, the sky is divided up into 88 areas. These are called constellations. Each constellation is associated with a pattern of the brighter stars within it, and consists of a defined area of sky surrounding that pattern. Each constellation has a name, of course, usually mythological in origin. Most make their appearances at different times of the year.

When someone in the UK asks us to name a star for them, we always select a star from a constellation which is visible from the Northern hemisphere (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Europe) at the time of year that the registration is dated.

But it can be quite satisfying for you to select a constellation yourself, to especially suit the person you are naming the star for. For example, if someone particularly likes cats or horses, they may be especially pleased to have a star named after them in the constellation of Lynx - "the Cat" or Pegasus - "the Winged Horse"!

Click on the months below to see which constellations are visible then.

The Southern Hemisphere (South Africa, South America etc)

If you are naming a star for someone living in the Southern Hemisphere, you should tell us where they live, and we will ensure the constellation is visible from there at the appropriate time of year. Most of the constellations visible all year round from the UK , are usually never visible from below the equator. Equally, there are some constellations always visible from the Southern Hemisphere , which we can never see from Europe. Here is a list of them: Buying a star from Southern Hemisphere Constellations

Special Occasions

Some constellations are particularly suited to special occasions, and here is some helpful information if you are thinking of naming a star in celebration of an engagement, wedding or anniversary

Remember, if you need more help about constellations, please e-mail us your questions to or call our office where someone will be happy to help you (0800 212 493).