Engagements, Weddings, and Anniversaries

Engagements, Weddings, and Anniversaries

Make your special occasion sparkle. Write your love in the stars!

Stars are a symbol of eternity. Naming a star, or a pair of stars, has been a favorite way to celebrate a lifelong love since 1979.

Are you looking a unique way to pop the question?

Are you getting married or looking for a meaningful wedding gift? As fewer couples register for china and crystal, are you looking for a gift that dazzles on that special day and shines for eternity?

Are you looking for the most romantic gift in the universe to let your spouse know that you would marry them all over again?

Or are you honoring the love of a stellar couple celebrating a milestone 10th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary, or even a 60th Wedding Anniversary?

Buying a star package and naming a star is the perfect way to immortalize a love that can stand the test of time.

Check out our couples’ stars and shine together in the heavens forever. Or buy a star package in both of your names so you are never apart. There are many different package options to help you customize your gift to suit your own special style.

Find the perfect anniversary gift and name a star after your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or future spouse. Whether you name one star, or a pair of stars, you will receive a personalized certificate showing your star’s name, a star chart so you can find your star in the sky, and you can even receive a gift package framed with a wallet card or add engraved jewelry, a photographic sky chart, or other items to your order!

Your star names will be permanently recorded in the book Your Place in the Cosmos which will be published and recorded in the United States Copyright Office.

Like your timeless love, name a star and it will shine forever!