Fathers Day

Father’s Day – Honor your dad with a gift that outshines all others

Buy a star package and Give Dad the Most Unique Gift in the Universe

Who was your first, and most important, role model? And who is the hardest person you know to buy a gift for? Who supported you and loved you as you found your way in this world? For many of us, it’s our Dad.
How do you honor a man like that? When you give a star package to your father, you are giving him a gift that says “You are the shining star in my life”. Name a star for dad and immortalize his legacy in the most unique way possible.
It’s a rare gift he won’t pick up for himself at the hardware store. When you name a star, you are giving him a gift that is as special as he is.
For thousands of years, mankind has been naming stars, mapping patterns in the sky, and recording celestial objects. From the creation of early star names and their place in ancient mythology and navigation, to multiple modern scientific catalogs, there have been dozens of different star catalogs created.

For the past century, scientists have worked with either numbered objects or objects designated by the IAU for Scientific Uniformity.

But scientists do not own the stars. You can buy a star package and name a star this Father’s Day to show your Dad that he is a bright star in your sky! Starting in 1979, International Star Registry broke with scientific tradition and began naming stars that had only been numbered in previous star catalogs. When you name a star it will be listed alphabetically with its telescopic coordinates will be permanently copyrighted in the only published listing of named stars in the world.

Because the star names are published in these hard covered volumes, designed to become family heirlooms, centuries from now your great grandchildren can locate the star you name in these books and, using the telescopic coordinates, locate the star in the sky. 9 volumes of the book Your Place in the Cosmos (Library of Congress Catalog No. 84-63015) have been published and copyrighted in the United States. Each star named is unique. The coordinates are derived from the NASA Hubble Guide Star Catalog and each star is named only once. When you name a star for a loved one, it is intended to be a beautiful, memorable gift. Astronomers do not use the names we assign to the stars.

Name a Star after Dad
With the help of International Star Registry®, you can honor you father, grandfather, favorite uncle, or anyone who deserves to be remembered on this day. Name a star and it will shine forever.
FAQs about Naming a Star as a Father’s Day Gift from International Star Registry®
1. How many Stars have you named?
Star Registry® has named over two million charted stars after our clients loved ones. We have been in business since 1979. The star coordinates are derived from the Hubble Guide Star Catalog and each unique star is only named once.
2. Can I have my Father’s Day gift framed?
Yes, if you buy a star kit framed for your dad it arrives ready to hang. We have different framing styles available to and some terrific add on items. Click here to see our many options!
A favorite addition for many dads is the exclusive Star Registry Photographic Sky chart. This series of beautiful 12” x 16” photographs created for International Star Registry is personalized with your his star’s location indicated and circled. These high resolution images are available unframed or framed to match his International Star Registry certificate.

3. Help I need a Father’s Day gift now!
Did you wait until the last minute? We know the feeling and sometimes it is just hard to find the right gift. Well, you are in luck! International Star Registry specializes in gifts for all occasions.
Name a star now and we will make receiving your package a priority. We work hard to get every package customized, framed, engraved, and shipped as quickly as possible. We offer overnight and second day shipping options as well.
Is today the big day? We also offer printable online gift certificates! Each gift certificate includes everything dad will need to name his personal place in the cosmos. So if you can’t decide on a star name, or you need a gift within minutes, selecting a gift certificate will let your father choose the perfect name for his star.

4. I would prefer to order a Father’s Day gift via the phone?
No problem, we look forward to speaking to our customers. Call us here in Illinois toll us free at 1-800-282-3333 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.